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about Aimee:


Date of Birth:March 18

Model from:Renton, WA Republic

Place you would love to visit:The Sistine Chapel

Favorite things:Going out with my friends, being in front of a camera

wayne06 wrote: Thanks again ;-)
loia wrote: Finally managed to sort a shoot with the incredible becky holt and wow it was worth every second. absolutly fantastic model really always gets 100% on every shot even the test shots a true pro and really hope to work loads more with her shes awesome and anybody who gets a change to work with her for even an hr should jump on it thanks again babe next time im make the tea :)
lisa wrote: but i don't think it's very likely that you'd get paid to do photos like that. i'd say if you're looking to make money, your best bet is going to be doing art nudes, or glamour work.
dayle wrote: Thanks everyone!
hbunn wrote: I appeared in the Sunday Sport in June in the Britains Hot Talent section
blume wrote: Wish you well
tony06 wrote: Other things to consider would be what is the purpose of the photo, will it be used for a magazine cover [if so you have to leave space at the top for the magazine name, plus space along the edge for article titles], will the photograph be going into a modeling portfolio, then you will want to shoot in the format that meets the models needs, do you need to shoot in a vertical or horizontal format to match her other photographs, donУґ want the viewer to be rotating the book back and forth. Is the photo destined for a photographers portfolio, where negative space creates the mood the photographer intended when he envisioned the image in his mind.
burg wrote: #2
gargan wrote: not seeing enough here..

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