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about Andrea:


Date of Birth:May 5

Model from:Sydney, Australia

Place you would love to visit:New York, which will be soon I'm happy to say.

Favorite things:Girlfriend, music, movies, beach, food and soccer.

katya wrote: Sounds easy enough? Well let's begin. And to double the fun, grade the person above you!
cummings3 wrote: We have the world's most accomplished and highly trained marine sniper killed on a gun range surrounded by people with guns.
gl*** wrote: i totally support new faces that are older than normal, it's way much better sometimes
holder wrote: If you have never worked with Lozie then you should - totally unique and extremly special.
roanne wrote: <3
marshall wrote: here is my studio site on g+ :
cbuder wrote: It looks like you really really wanted to make something of that pier structure. If she'd been able to sit above the "V", you might have had something. Instead her lower body is obscured, making the whole frame seem off balance and uninteresting.
sara13 wrote: The pose of the hand holding the twig is not the most flattering
courtney28 wrote: Have mainly been doing shoots with a group but have a few studio booking arranged with some models I have met there.

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