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about Gina:


Date of Birth:December 3

Model from:Corona

Place you would love to visit:New Yoooooork

Favorite things:My iPhone, my shoes and summer

jones42 wrote: Very nice. Solid look and composition adding a great feel to the image.
monica57 wrote: Liked. Be true !
amara wrote: Many well known photographers worked well into their 80's and some even into their 90's. 63 may be just getting started.
beautiful wrote: Thanks
april18 wrote: Would love the input
harley wrote: had a great shoot at the preston studio last night with anthony!! got some amazing shots which i cant wait to see, hes a great photographer and enthusiastic about his work. highly recommended and will defo be working with him again
bpchang wrote: Graham of Camellia Studios
language wrote: The first thing that throws me, and this is a personal bugbear, is the use of multi-image composites. When there is a clear editorial story running through the set, that's great and something I admire. When it's used as a way of showing multiple similar stabs at the same image it makes less impact that one strong shot. When there is not one strong shot in the dozen then it becomes like a smokescreen disguising your lack of desire to edit.
tnor wrote: Good attempt. Good focus but her hand and part of her shoe are cut off. The angle isn't super flattering to the model's body. And the outfit just plain isn't good. Stripper + Miami + Candyland = a hot mess

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