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about Maureen:


Date of Birth:December 20

Model from:Texas, USA

Place you would love to visit:Cape Town, South Africa.

Favorite things:Chasing girls down NY city streets in the AM and playing jazz with other musicians

captures wrote: totally Hayden Christensen!
carib wrote: 1). Your profile comes off as polite and friendly, but with too much detail - like you're anticipating problems. As a general rule of thumb it's the internet so you might like to 'dumb it down' a little. Almost everyone has mentioned the school v hobby dichotomy. There are a few structural and grammatical issues in your opening paragraph so this is how I'd deal with it to promote yourself as a model, given that this is Model Mayhem and not Student Mayhem:
bartholomew wrote: Please take a look at my profile and portfolio and critique me
sew wrote: On the day he was friendly well prepared bringing all the things he needed, on time, with shots in mind that he wanted to get.
matthias wrote: chuckle
dbulan wrote: I can highly recommend her to any photographer,
jere wrote: Left hand, wish all or none of it were in the image
kbuford wrote: Good luck.
love-2001 wrote: ... I'd shoot you in a heart beat!

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