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about Brenda:


Date of Birth:June 14

Model from:Stamford, CT

Place you would love to visit:India

Favorite things:Music, Barnes London (home town), art, CFC football club, eating good food, and mainly chilling with family, friends and girlfriend.

goofy wrote: I think you should get rid of these shots they dont do anything for you.
cheetah wrote: I think you'll do great! Best wishes!
botsford wrote: Pretty cliche and the lighting is harsh.
jbuckman wrote: I most recently worked with Glen at a J16 studio workshop, he is very friendly and chatty and brought more props and equipment than I think i've ever seen! He really strived to create something unique and I think we certainly succeeded! a lot of fun to work with and a very nice guy! x
alanna wrote: If it is B) - Meaningful art... then it can be judged on the message or story it tells, it's relevance to current society, or for some cultural, historical, or philosophical purpose.
osprey wrote: Sorry yesterday I did not post how I created my work, I haven't been in the forums in about 2 years was simply a case of forgetting My apologetics and sorry if it upset anyone
krystal13 wrote: I've done a few shoots with Heidi now and always have loads of fun. Really good model to work with and very professional :) x
pearl57 wrote: 10. Unlike some contests you may post a story to go along with your work.
nicole57 wrote: Hope I work with her again soon

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