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about Julie:


Date of Birth:June 20

Model from:Island Park

Place you would love to visit:Singapore

Favorite things:My iPhone, my shoes and summer

jean44 wrote: I think you have potential and a good eye......but your technical skills and aesthetics need work. You picked some unflattering angles on certain subjects, and have sloppy composition in many of your images. For example, up the nose on the one girl, blown out highlights, one color image and the huge image stamp smack in the middle of the image. (The two latter is the sign of an amateur).
lewis70 wrote: I do not feel this picture is at the same level than the two others.
micheal wrote: Me not so much.
nbuechner wrote: Had as shoot in Studio with Jodie the 24th of March in Lowford Studio.
sarah46 wrote: he's adorable!!
azalea wrote: I was away all day and when I got back there was a narrow window of opportunity to go for a quick ski before the arctic blast froze everything solid. while I was walking back to the car (i miscalculated how long it would take to freeze, ooops!) I was lamenting the fact that I had missed all of April Fools shenanegans being in the car or visiting my mom.
castor wrote: I really enjoyed working with Sarah. She is a very attractive model, with a lovely personality. I hope to work with her again in the very near future. Strongly recommended
bhp wrote: Had the pleasure of shooting with Sophia at the weekend.She is very attractive - great face and figure - with the full range of poses and expressions. She has a fun and bubbly personality.Easy to talk to; easy to work with; and very professional.Hope to be able to work with Sophia again very soon. Can highly recommend.
rubin wrote: Fast Eddie

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