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about Nicole:


Date of Birth:February 25

Model from:Copenhagen, Denmark

Place you would love to visit:The Sistine Chapel

Favorite things:I love to go to Ajax soccer matches with my dad and sister! I also love my cat Diesel who stays in Holland with the rest of the family. The skyscrapers in NYC which always keep me amazed. And last but not least, I can die for a piece of chocolate every now and then.

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dean wrote: The first step towards accepting such actions, such evil, is to see man as nothing but an animal with no rights. Without such a willingness, such actions cannot stand.
hurts wrote: Very happy to be working with Raj again soon, looking forward to it.
april30 wrote: The dull blank canvas or deer in headlights look is just so boring.
branden06 wrote: I got the chance to work with Ian at Barlow charity shoot and found him a pleasure to work with
hems wrote: omg she looks like 16 which is a actually a plus
squires wrote: how can I overcome the weak points you see?
img wrote: I feel like the better she genuinely emotes, the better she'll be.

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