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about Renee:


Date of Birth:March 17

Model from:Banning

Place you would love to visit:There's no specific place, I love traveling and seeing new things. I would love to go anywhere in the world! You name it, I'll go.

Favorite things:My iPhone and soon my iPad, and my girlfriend's bathtub

owen4 wrote: You have the who (a model) - the where (at the beach) - but why is she there? What story do you want to tell? What statement is this image making?
gglt wrote: came with plenty of oufits and with specific clothing that I requested.
adams wrote: Hope it helps.
reidMitchell wrote: hi i had a shoot with graham around liverpool see front/docks an was really happy with the outcome and also think by graham statin hisself as ameture its nuts as his work is upto professional he new exactly what outcome he wanted xx thanks again graham look forward to working with you again x
jaredb wrote: All in all Bailey was brilliant to be around and lots of fun as well !
alberta wrote: But still as I look through my port it doesn't FEEL like the ports that move me. It's easy to say "keep practicing", but I don't know what to practice. My models seem good to me, I feel like I have a decent system and eye for choosing them (I'm willing to be wrong). I'm using decent gear/studio/MUA etc. So really I'm aware that whatever is missing is missing from me.
hobbs wrote: Hi,
barreto wrote: all the best on your journey...
billclinton wrote: model has a good look

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