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about Cathy:


Date of Birth:October 15

Model from:Tawas City

Place you would love to visit:Australia and Caribbean

Favorite things:My family, friends, traveling, fashion, my puppy Alfie, my MAC, rugby (I'm a Leicester Tigers fan through and through), festivals, parties, shopping, cinema and coffee.

rogers37 wrote: In a week for a little magazine I'm doing a big bikini/fashion spread. I can't cry success yet but these little steps I take are due to having a vision of what I want and I think will crack the L.A. market open for me. I could be wrong in my approach.
bram wrote: Kevin is very friendly and easy to talk with, which all helps on a shoot, especialy when first working together. His images are very striking with fantastic clarity, and he is able to picture what he wants and clearly articulate this. Very efficient, I was able to view the images next day! I would recommend Kevin to both professional and new models.
lezlieb wrote: She looks pretty cute, but maybe not very outstanding- there are quite a few models that look very similar to her… to me she doesn't have the "x-factor" but of course she's beautiful!
ana wrote: Bold and Beautiful
forster wrote: he's okay, cute and nice looking. not a stand out though.
achaean wrote: -Bubbles
annlin wrote: :)
parker wrote: Had the best shoot ever! Thank you so much, really enjoyed myself and can't wait to shoot again! Stunning images :)
greenstein wrote: 3. Those who are making comments about sending in a commando team or a strike to take out the leadership are "joking" I assume.

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